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After doing your property inspections, rehabs, and remodeling for the last 30 years, Team Kendrick is proud to announce the opening of our
We’ve combined our knowledge of construction and investment properties with a comprehensive software system to offer our clients a full service solution for your investments.
The same trust and integrity you’ve grown accustom to from Team Kendrick, now managing your investment from A to Z.

Here’s a brief overview of how we pull it all together for our investors.  We think you’ll agree, the benefits are clear.


Initial Inspection:  Let us inspect the property before you make the purchase. We’ll give you a report about the neighborhood, rents to expect, and the overall condition of the property. If it seems too good to be true, we’ll tell you!  We want your investment experience to be a positive one. Buying properties in bad areas that need major rehab is never a good experience…   Marketing:  Right from the start our web-based propertyware system is working for you.  Vacancies are filled fast and efficiently using over 100 rentals sites simultaneously. Through online applications, background checks, and YouTube videos of your units, the leasing process is expedited.   Increased Resident Retention:  If your tenants aren’t happy, they’re not going to stay…With our on-line tenant portals, they can communicate faster about maintenance concerns, pay their rent, and receive mass updates from the management team. Happy tenants are happy to pay their rent!   Faster maintenance:  Our in-house maintenance crew is notified electronically when a work order enters the system. They have the tenant’s information, along with a full description of the items to be completed. They can tackle the problem quickly since the owner was already notified and approved the work to be done.   Electronic Statements and Payments:  With a few key strokes, your statements are delivered for month-end reporting and payments are delivered directly to your bank account. And because the system keeps you informed when work orders need to be addressed throughout the month, there are no surprise fees.   Contact Us Today for more information or visit our website

Yields 45% Rent Increase, Better Tenants.
From acquisition and inspection of your investment, to a cash flowing unit with a qualified tenant, we stand behind the term ‘management’.
You can count on Team Kendrick to assess a new purchase AND improve it’s rent potential.  Good locations and quality rehabs bring HIGH paying tenants.  Check out our latest rehab with a 45% rent increase and a happy new tenant…
45% Rent Increase After Rehab


    “ Not only were the ideas perfect for this property and the referred businesses great, but the work was completed on time and within the estimate that Jim presented …”                                    see more
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