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November 7, 2013

Solutions for your Investment Property.  But don’t trust us…Well not yet anyway!

Are you a landlord with an investment property in Rochester, NY that has become unmanageable?  Are you in financial distress because of your mortgage?  We are a local property management company that can offer you a SOLUTION to your problem property.  We are unique!  We offer MANY solutions for your specific needs.

Keep your investment; change your Property Management Co.

With a real-time propertyware system and in-house maintenance, communication with our owners is unparalleled.  Approve work orders, view conversations from your management team, and receive detailed monthly statements.  With a 6 month rental guarantee and your first month of management FREE, LET US WORK FOR YOUR TRUST.

Just need to sell quickly?

Sometimes the best solution for a bad investment is to cut your losses.  At KPM, we understand that some landlords just need to stop the hemorrhaging!  Expensive repairs, high vacancy rates, and poor management can have a devastating effect on your investment.   We work with local wholesalers to move your property FAST.  With an extensive buyer’s list and over 25 years of experience, your property can quickly become a worthwhile investment for the next owner.

Let us negotiate with your lender.

In today’s Real Estate market, some investors find themselves ‘upside-down’ on their mortgage.  Let us work with your bank to find the best solution for you.  Short Sales, loan modification, or a deed in lieu; understand ALL of your options.

Ready for an investment that performs?

With proformas that estimate your ‘real world’ return on investment, and FREE property evaluations, you’re never left wondering if you’re making a wise purchase.  With high capitalization rates and special programs like Rent to Own, you can’t beat our investment advice!  Just listen to our investors… From property management, to buying and selling, Kendrick Property Management will be your BEST investment yet.

James Kendrick  was one of the first people I partnered with in my real estate investing company. He has the experience and the integrity and the network to accomplish anything he sets out to do. Great to work with, keeps projects on time and on budget. Looking forward to many more investments with James.”

~ Judi W.

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Kendrick Property Management