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Why choose Kendrick Property Management

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients.  To accomplish this our team does extensive research on each of our client’s properties to ensure nothing is overlooked.  From checking the condition and code requirements to make sure that any defects are brought up to standards.

We will run comps to make sure clients are receiving the maximum rent for the property based on area and condition. If improvements will increase the rental rate we will cost it out and inform our client if the improvements are worth doing.

Since we have our own team of contractors we can keep the rehab and repair cost down for our clients. We can also control the time it takes to get the work completed.

Most management companies will sign a contract with you and spend your time and money marketing your property. We choose to go at this from a completely different direction.  We market the renters.

Market the renters? you are probably wondering what I’m talking about.  Well this is it, we spend more time and money marketing to the renters. We have a formula that we use to determine what price they can pay for rent. We screen them check their references and add them to our waiting list. Then we will only show them properties they can afford.  The same way a bank won’t let someone get a mortgage they can’t afford. With this program it makes it less likely that they will get behind and have you not receive your rent.

Since we are  dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers we have to be selective when considering what properties we will manage.  Often subprime properties put to much strain on a management company’s resources. Most companies take any and all properties offered to them, we won’t.  If your portfolio consist of mostly subprime properties we are not the Management Company for you.

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