Chanukah falls on Thanksgiving.

James L Kendrick,

All Thanksgivings are special however this Thanksgiving is even more special.  This year the first night of Chanukah falls on Thanksgiving.   Tonight Jews around the world will be celebrating their own thanksgiving as Chanukah begins.  Tomorrow Jews in America will be celebrating both the first day of Jewish thanksgiving and the day of American Thanksgiving.  The story of the founding of this country and the story that is remembered by Chanukah are not all that dissimilar and for this special occasion I will discuss some of the history of both so that we can all understand the parallels a little more.  

In 222 BCE the Israel was a part of the Syrian-Greek Empire.  It was at this time that Antiochus III reigned.  Toward the end of his reign his disposition toward the Jews became unfavorable and after his death the reign of Seleuchus IV the oppression of the Jews was further intensified.  In 174 BCE Antiochus IV, the “madman”, began his reign and he made it his mission to render the lives of the Jews unbearable.  Antiochus suppressed Jewish laws, removed the High Priest, burned Torah scrolls, desecrated the Temple, etc.  A small band of men led by a priest named Matityahu stood up by killing a Hellenistic Jew (an idol worshipping Syrian sympathizer) and then Syrian guards in the small town they were in.  This small rebellion quickly escalated.  When Matityahu was about to die he told the Jews in opposition to the Syrian regime to follow Judah, the Maccabee, during warfare.  Judah’s followers were called the Maccabees.  Antiochus sent his general Apolonius to wipe out Judah and the Maccabees and was defeated.  He sent another expedition and was defeated again.  He then sent 40,000men and after a series of battles the small band of Maccabees had prevailed.  The menorah was a candelabra that was in the Temple and upon returning to the Temple the Jews found the Temple had been desecrated and that only one jar of pure oil with the seal of the High Priest was remaining.  Rather than use the other, tainted oil they used the oil that was sufficient to light the menorah for only one day yet through a miracle it lasted for 8 days.  And, this, the rebellion that led to a revival of the Jewish spirit, that allowed for Jews once again to honor their responsibilities toward G-d, is why Jews around the world are giving their thanks.

The American story is much more familiar to all of us.  We all know the stories of the Protestants that fled the monarchies of Europe to come began anew.  We all know of our forefathers who crafted a nation that was to be ruled by Divine Law.  We know of the battles they fought for us to be here today in what is the greatest nation in the world.  The American Colony of the British Empire stood up to one of the greatest empires in the history of the world and prevailed to win its independence so that the people of this country could be free from the bondage of greatest monarchy on earth at the time.  In standing stout to claim independence we were granted a heritage that hearkens back to a time where some of the greatest people this world has ever seen stood together to create a system of governance that recognized the most important thing a system of governance can recognize, that there is one King and one King only and that King is G-d.

On this Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I would take a moment to send you a thank you for being a part of the EquityBuild and EquityBuild Finance family and wish you a wonderful holiday with your family. I hope you have a wonderful meal, spend lots of quality time with your family, create some memories and drive safely.

I will leave you with the two links.  The first is to the first Thanksgiving Proclamation given by George Washington and the other is to an article that will help us all remember the true nature of Thanksgiving.







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