Houzz Tours: Parisian Modern Style for a San Francisco Flat »

Houzz Tours: Parisian Modern Style for a San Francisco Flat »
Architect Stephen Sutro of Sutro Architects grew up in San Francisco just four blocks from this home, alongside one of the owners, who was a childhood friend. Years later, when the friend and her husband hired Sutro for this… more »
Design Workshop: Kinetic Architecture »
Kinetic architecture, which moves or changes to adapt to seasonal, functional or daylight requirements — or just for the heck of it — has roots dating back to medieval times. A castle’s drawbridge served as a multifunctional… more »
Houzz Tour: Throwing Curves in Santa Barbara »
The recipe for a truly exceptional home is quite straightforward. Just mix one part enlightened owner, one part creative architect, one part spectacular site and just the right amount of green. In the foothills just above… more »
41 Finds to Keep You Warm »
The days are getting longer (thanks, solstice!), but winter isn’t relinquishing its chill anytime soon. Stave off the cold with a cuddly robe or throw blanket, a warm fire or a tummy-warming treat. Whatever keeps you warm,… more »
My Houzz: Soothing Neutrals Calm in an Airy Netherlands Home »
A snowy white interior and a calming monochrome palette come together flawlessly in Guido and Aggy Hoogwerf‘s Netherlands home. The interior’s charming update was rolled out in stages, with the owners doing much of the… more »
Homes Around the World Wish You a Merry Christmas »
Merry Christmas, Houzzers! Sit back, enjoy the fire, let that Christmas meal digest and enjoy visiting some Houzz homes around the world bedecked for all the festivities. Best wishes from all of us to all of you. more »
What to Do With Old Family Photos »
There’s something intriguing about poring over old photographs. Whether the photos are black and whites from the Old Country or yellow-stained images from the halcyon days of our own youth, looking at them is like peeking… more »
Modern Roof Features for Light, Rhythm and Interest »
Light monitors, clerestories and dormers are means of bringing light high into rooms; they’re particularly helpful in supplementing the light that comes from other windows. While these elements are especially good for deep… more »
The Single Easiest Trick for Serial Redecorators »
If you decorate your own home, you probably fall into one of two main categories. You might be the type who paints a room, installs new flooring or carpeting, then adds furniture and accessories and hangs draperies, art and… more »
Double Take: Moorish Goes Modern in a Manhattan Townhouse »
When faced with unifying six stories of a sleek Manhattan townhouse, the forward-thinking designers at SPG Architects looked back to traditional Moroccan design. “The client had hand-carved doors from Morocco that he wanted… more »
My Houzz: Tradition and Romance Live On at an 1875 Estate »
Patty Mouhtouris describes her husband, Roger Keys, as a nomadic wanderer who doesn’t stay in one place for long. This was never more true than the day he returned home from a business trip to the Southern Highlands of… more »
Take a Winter Walk on the Safe Side »
A wintry wonderland is a beautiful sight to behold, and an occasional walk along a snowy garden path is a real treat. For main entryways and often-used walks and patios, however, safety is a real concern. Here are a few… more »
6 Dramatic Garden Makeovers, From Backyard to Rooftop »
A good landscape looks effortless, like it’s always been there and always will be. Although many homeowners fantasize about what their dark, cramped kitchen would look like with a wall removed, visualizing how to treat… more »
My Houzz: Lighthearted Ease for a Petite Hague Pad »
Industrial designer Aafke Kauffman loves scouring flea markets and vintage stores for treasures to bring home and upcycle. In her eclectic Netherlands home, an all-white backdrop ensures that her secondhand finds are central,… more »
Splendor in the Bath: Art Deco Brings on the Elegance »
I realized a few years ago that our upstairs bathroom — with its leaky tiles, rusty faucets and crumbling walls — was due for a major rehab. I still loved its retro seafoam-green bathtub and sink, and its champagne-bubbly… more »
Wild Gardens Bring Excitement and Beauty to Landscapes »
Walking down any street in any suburban neighborhood, you can get the pulse of what’s fashionable in the garden. Seeing home after home, you can note how acres of treated lawns blanket landscapes and oddly sheared evergreen… more »
Organized Chic: 15 Stylish Ways With Trays »
I think of a tray as one of those things in a home that has a lot of stories to tell. A tray has been around; it has seen most rooms in a house. It has lots of experience with meeting utilitarian demands as well as aesthetic… more »
Great Design Plant: Coral Bark Japanese Maple, a Winter Standout »
Sometimes we want a little drama in the garden — something unusual, a plant with the power to stand on its own. Few four-season plants can compare with coral bark Japanese maple. With fiery red stems that stand out in the… more »
Houzz Tour: Sophisticated Luxury in a San Francisco Condo »
Given his penchant for collecting objects during his extensive travels, you wouldn’t expect San Francisco interior designer Robert Holgate to prefer small-space living. But Holgate lives in a 600-square-foot condominium,… more »
Basement of the Week: Wine Inspires a Refined Renovation »
Wine-club Fridays were a big inspiration for this basement’s design. “My clients belong to a wine club that gathers every Friday, and they wanted a nice place to entertain those guests that was also comfortable and cozy… more »
Simple Pleasures: The Morning Primp »
The tone of your morning, from the moment you roll out of bed to the last second spent scrambling for keys and phone on the way out the door, can set the mood for your entire day. Why not make sure it’s a good one? Here… more »
Great Design Plant: Brittlebush Brightens Rocky, Dry Spots »
Desert hillsides are dotted in a carpet of yellow in winter and spring as brittlebush comes into bloom. This Southwestern native may be beautiful, but it is also one very tough shrub. Brittlebush handles areas with rocky… more »
Houzz Tour: Rebooting a 1930s Bungalow in 3 Days »
Call this house a heart to Hart. When Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri of Brunelleschi Construction set out to remodel the Maplewood, New Jersey, home of computer science teacher Earl Hart, they had to use their design smarts… more »
Kitchen Color: 15 Fabulous Green Backsplashes »
Sure, your kitchen backsplash serves a very practical function: protecting the wall area above your countertop from splashes and spatters. But it’s also the perfect place to add a dash of fun color. The weather where I… more »
Guest Picks: Household Basics That Don’t Do Boring »
I’m so drawn to really well-designed and unique everyday items. Power strips and extension cords are not the first things that come to mind when decorating, but these small touches can add a lot to thoughtful home decor…. more »
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Colo0ur of the walls to chear up the bedroom – Hi, I do nto really like this orange colour of the walls…the… more »
by narniamallorca · 38 comments
Great Living Room – need layout/design advice – My LR is a 2 story, open layout with great light and a lovely… more »
by aehatfield · 26 comments
Updating Kitchen – Need Input! – I’m updating my 1970’s kitchen (photos 1 &2). My new floor tile is due to… more »
by Marq Goldberg · 78 comments
How to Create the “Wow” Factor in our Entrance? – The first photo is what you see when you first enter the house… more »
by B · 63 comments
What do you do if your headboard must be in front of a window? – Hi – I recently got a new headboard for my bed…. more »
by Kelly Fisher · 33 comments
What’s your favorite color? – What color(s) do you like to decorate with? Post your favorite colors and share… more »
by Jeannie Nguyen · 20 comments
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