What Investors Deserve A Discount On Property Management Fees

Property Management Fees

Management fees usually run 10% on  average across the industry. For the most part that is a fare price for the services that are provided by most management companies.

But what about the investors that choose to buy and upgrade their properties in higher rental areas then most. They spend more to purchase their properties, and they spend more to update and rehab them so they can get top rental rates.

So odds are management will not have a hard time renting the units, nor will they constantly be dealing with section 8 or DSS, not to mention all the evictions that come with the lower end properties.

So if you are an Investor that prides yourself with investing in class A properties  then you should contact us to see how much money Team Kendrick can save you.

We charge 10% of collected rents per unit, but we have a maximum of $125. per unit.    Lets  be honest it takes a lot less work to manage a class A property then a subprime  property.