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Negative Cash Flow

Negative Cash Flow Got You Down

Are you tied of receiving monthly reports with negative cash flow from your Property Management Company?

  1. Maybe they are part of the problem.
  2. Do they just sit back and deduct their fees from your rental income?
  3. Are they proactive with helping you turn your portfolio around or are they happy to sit back and receive checks from section 8 and DSS?
  4. Are you constantly getting negative reports for C of O or city inspections?

If this sounds like you, Maybe you should give Kendrick Property Management a call.

Kendrick Property Management has evolved from Team Kendrick, we are general contractors, rehabbers, and Real Estate Investors ourselves.

We work with our clients to determine what is the best direction to pursue for them to achieve their investment goals.

  1. We will evaluate their portfolio to see what course of action to take to turn their negative cash flow properties into positive cash flow. If liquidating them is the answer then we can help them move them off their books thru are rent to own network. In most cases they can receive positive cash flow while eliminating the overhead. With out selling them at wholesale prices for a big loss.
  2. If updating the properties and placing new tenants in them is the answer then we can put our rehab team to work getting them ready for re-rental.
  3. Once all the negative problems have been solved we will help our clients start building a higher quality portfolio.
  4. Since we buy and sell properties ourselves we have wholesalers sending us properties to look at on a daily basis. We check them out and then give the information to our clients that are looking for more properties.


If you are just getting started in rental investments contact Kendrick Property Management and let us help you get started on the right path to profitable rental investing.